Approximately once every month, the club organises a weekend meet. We stay in huts owned and run by other clubs and organisations, in hostels, and often camp in the Summer all around the Scottish mountains. During meets people usually form informal groups depending on interests, in order to pursue mountain activities such as hill walking or climbing. In the evening, members get together socially for a communal meal.

Weekend meets are a chance to really get to know fellow club members and visit the many spectacular mountain areas of Scotland. What you do during the meet is up to you - there are no organised walks or climbs. Normally people divide into a number of groups spanning several levels of keenness and types of activity.

Hill Walking

Many members enjoy hill walking, be it in summer or winter.

Hill walking also provides a good opportunity to meet and catch up with other people. Often someone will be organising day walks when not off on a weekend meet.


Scrambling involves easy climbing (usually without a rope) and is more exposed than hill walking. The Skye ridges are a typical example.


Rock climbing usually involves rope work and gear placement. The AMC is a good place to improve skills and meet up with other climbers.

The club holds a weekly climbing session going cragging (if possible) or indoors at one of the climbing walls. Climbing is open to anybody, bearing in mind that no formal instruction is provided. Members will however gladly help and advise anybody new to climbing.

Winter Climbing

Winter climbing is enjoyed by some members. Due to the exposed nature of the activity, the best way to go winter climbing is to get to know a few climbers in order to take you up.